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Baseball Bats

Our Story


After years of seeing detrimental changes to the ways youth sports are funded and treated, two lifelong athletes wanted to make a change. So they did.

Rising Athletes was founded in 2020 to support K-12 athletes, to let them do what they love: play sports!

Our Mission

We strive to inspire and motivate youth athletes to participate in sports programs by organizing, creating, and sustaining opportunities for success. We do this by allocating funds, assets, and resources from the community for youth athletics. 

Glove and Ball
Little League Team Hands In

Our Vision

Here at Rising Athletes, we are assisting athletes, parents, guardians, and community members on their athletic journey. We strive to support, educate, and get kids back to play. 


Rising Athletes Organization is a 501(c) 3 non-profit founded in 2020 to provide support and assistance to youth athletes and youth athletic programs. Located in the greater La Crosse, Wisconsin region, we are a community-based non-profit dedicated to building bridges between the community and K-12 athletics.

Rugby Team

What We Do

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