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Back in the Game: The Return to Youth Sports

Here at Rising Athletes, we are looking to help athletes, parents, guardians, and community members. We will be providing a wide range of resources on topics related to the importance of sports to assist kids on their athletic journey. This first series, Back in the Game: The Return to Youth Sports, will explore the many benefits of kids participating in athletics.

By the end of March 2020, high school basketball games, middle school swimming meets, and cheerleading practices were canceled. Zoom became the new classroom and schools locked their doors. We moved indoors and stayed at home, pausing the game. Now, we are returning to play as kids are headed back into the classroom and practicing on the field.

Sports are a source of entertainment, competitiveness, physical fitness, and camaraderie for people of all ages and abilities. Youth sports, at any age, are an outlet filled with fun, friendships, and lifelong skills. As they return to play, we need to help them pick themselves up and get back into the game! Sports bring the community together as parents and supporting fans fill the stands to cheer on young athletes as they run down the field.

The benefits of being involved in sports are endless. Back in the Game: The Return to Youth Sports, will cover topics ranging from teamwork, work ethic, and physical well-being, just to name a few. Stay tuned each Monday to explore new skills kids develop when they get back in the game. Next week we will discuss the first skill: teamwork!


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